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Love me deeply, please . ..

Apologies but I have to write this article in English because there’s no Slovak keyboard available at the moment and writing without diacritical signs is not aesthetically pleasing. Not talking about publishing it on this decent blog portal 😀 …

After the recent talk with my friend I’ve been re-thinking the human relationships, especially those based on the loving attitude towards the person of the opposite or similar gender. (I don’t really care about homosexuals as long as they don’t want to have children.)

The contemporary society is full of unsatisfied partners who are desperately looking for answers on the most common questions as why are we still arguing; why the hell he/she doesn’t understand me or why is he/she acting this way .. not less significantly what I’ve done wrong ..

At the first sight, questions of a truly deep meaning, but in fact such an easy to answer. Because most of the relationships, those that are apparently not functioning properly, are or were based on EITHER, the physical attraction that does not seem to be the fault as long as it comes with the mutual understanding of the mental set of the other person OR the prevailing need of being in the relationship. Very well known need on being attached on someone, control that person and consequently lean on the person just because we are not able to live alone by ourselves.

The latter should be specified more.

Throughout our simple lives we attempt to satisfy our needs. One of them is, undoubtedly, having a relationship. For many of us, it’s not difficult to get into one. However, it’s bloody struggle to manage it so it’s working healthy. What I’ve mentioned above is that we look for a person who would make our life better by living by our side. That’s all wrong. We jump over the most important phase of our being and it’s self-understanding. How do I want to interact with a person who is similar to me when I don’t know myself? (If someone says how people of two different personalities may manage well in relationship, it’s just a bunch of bullshits.) Therefore, the most essential is to learn as much as we can about our own mind-set. Here, I have to admit only an intelligent and thinking person is capable of doing this. Be angry or not, that’s true.

And so, to avoid any useless craps about spirituality and mindfulness – I am sure all of you, intelligent people, know what’s my point – I will conclude by explaining and advising.

I fell in love with a man on the basis of the physical attraction. This relationship was pleasurable, short and finished badly. Also, I fell in love with someone only because I was alone – this relationship failed even faster, even worse.
Then I’ve realised I need to spend some time by knowing myself and it took me a couple of months. At the moment when I started to understand myself and I acknowledged I’m happy and mentally strong without anyone living by my side I met a man. That time I did not want to get into the relationship at all. I wanted to be alone and enjoy myself, do stuff I love. But I met him, it was natural and spontaneous.. and we’ve been together for a decent time now. Because he came not to make my life better and help me to overcome my own unhappiness. He came to join a strong and independent being he can puzzle life with. This conclusion, unwittingly, finished as a romantic passage from Evita Press’ book but that how it works – I guess. Sorry in advance for all grammatical or lexical mistakes that occurred here. Promise to get one Slovak keyboard soonish.



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zdravíčko priatelia, nie som žiadny špecialista, analytik, kritik či filozof, nezaujímajú ma vaše tragické či romantické životné príbehy, úprimne a bez okolkov, Vaše životy sú mi ukradnuté, viac »


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